Dev Blog – Flight, How it all started.

Hey guys! Time flies away!

It’s been about a month since the Music Game Jam has ended! Flight won #2 place out of 100 entries, my programmer and I were very excited at your reactions and wanted to make this into a full game. Along the way, our awesome concept artist and 3D modeler, Peet joined in and lent us a needed hand.

I’ve been working on the story, gameplay mechanics as well as production scope & task management for the past 4 weeks. Although planning is important, I believe that I planned TOO MUCH for the game before I realized that the scope became huge and I needed to tone it back down. I cut out unnecessary stories, mechanics and cutscenes that made the game clunky. Everyone on the team let out a sigh of relief.

Then today, I saw this post by one of our gracious reviewers a month back:

Screen Shot 2018-11-04 at 10.24.29 PM.png

I guess I should have listened. Lesson learned! Haha.

We have officially started production again. Peet has been drawing up some great concept art for upcoming models. This is just a sneak peek…


Now, about how the game started!

FThis game started off from a mechanic that I noticed in Marty’s game. In his game, the player can hop on a broomstick for fun and fly around the sky. I noticed a lot of potential in that and thought about building a music-themed game around it. We quickly came up with a prototype where a brown stick was flying through the air. It wasn’t the prettiest thing in the world, but we were happy that 25% of the game was done already.

Marty was an incredibly quick programmer. Whenever I had an idea, I would tell it to him, and he would iterate in mere minutes. We sat through a whole day until midnight, just developing the game and making it polished. We added in birds that would follow the player when sung to. I revisited Blender and created really basic models of the bird and floating islands.

Flight - Bird model in BlenderScreen Shot 2018-11-04 at 10.42.46 PM.png

I think I spent about an hour total on the bird and its animation. I dedicated 1-2 days on creating the models.

Flight has adaptive music. You might have guessed how I did it – it was through Wwise! Without Wwise, I wouldn’t have been able to implement the music system on my own, let alone even have the courage to create this project.


Wwise’s powerful Adaptive Music system allowed me to create chunks of music, loop them and smoothly transition from one chunk to another depending on how many birds the player has collected!

Both Marty and I were students, busy with school, other projects and life in general. We had a very limited budget and time to work on this game. Because of that, we had to work with our limitations. By sticking to a simple design of using only a mouse to play, we were able to make a simple, but a polished feeling game in 2 weeks.

That is the origin of Flight. I’ll talk tomorrow more about mechanics and what we’re currently making! I can’t wait to show it to you guys. Have a good night!


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